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Turkey's pig iron imports up 38.5 percent in January-Pumao steel

2022-03-23 | Pumao

In January this year, Turkey's pig iron imports amounted to 81,728 mt, up 38.5 percent year on year as well as lowering by 7.2 percent contrasted to December, according to the data supplied by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK). The complete value of Turkey's pig iron imports in the offered month raised by 96.8 percent year on year to $47.97 million, down by 6.1 percent compared to the previous month.

In January, Turkey imported 54,657 statistics lots of pig iron from Russia, up 182.0 percent year on year. Russia ranked first amongst Turkey's pig iron import resources in the duration concerned, followed by Ukraine which provided 18,489 mt.

Turkey's pig iron import sources in the offered period are as follows:

Nation Amount(mt)January 2022 January 2021 Y-o-y modification(%)

Russia 54,657 19,380 182.03

Ukraine 18,489 23,331


Germany 5,585 16,071 -65.25 Brazil 2,718--Turkey's pig iron sources in January can be seen in the chart listed below